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Reliance Diamond Tools is one of the leading diamond tool manufacturers for stone processing & quarrying industry. We concentrate all our energy on improving your work situation. Consequently our objectives are high accessibility, prompt service, exact deliveries and perfect cutting performance of our products. We are specialized in the diamond wire technology and developed Mini Diamond Wire for slabbing of granite blocks.
Diamond Wire & Beads
Diamond tool products manu-factured at our plant are highly qualitative and best in the application point of view. RDT can manufacture most of the diamond tools for mining, extraction and processing of granites and marbles.
Multi Wire & Slabbing
Diamond wire technology is leading the way for sawing/ cutting/slabbing of granite blocks. RDT recently developed a new product is called mini multi wire for slabbing of the granite blocks. This mini multi wire can cut the granite blocks...
RDT specialize in segments for circular saws, gang saws and cut-off saws. We can manufacture and supply a range of segments based on their application. We can design customized segments as per customer specified geometry. We categorize the segments..
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RDT views its R&D capabilities as vital component of its business strategy that will provide the company with a sustainable, long term competitive advantage.